FTS-6 Central Nursing System

The mobile central monitoring system keeps track of several patients in real-time. Continuous monitoring capabilities remove the need to frequently check bedside patients, freeing up valuable time for nurses. The FTS-6 system not only allows you to manage all patient data in real-time but also allows nurses to record, analyze, save, print, and review patient data.

  • 21.5 inches all-in-one PC with optional touch screen
  •  Available twins and triplet monitoring
  •  12 crystal wireless FHR transducer
  •  US&TOCO transducers arbitrary pairing
  •  Transducer auto-pairing with monitoring window when taken from the workstation
  •  Transducer tracking ability
  •  Powerful data management software for data recording, analyzing, saving and printing
  •  Built-in professional CTG&NICHD analysis
  •  Comprehensive alarming system for prompt action taking
  •  Optional external printer
  •  Support connection of all EDAN fetal monitors
  •  Support HL7 connection to HIS