SonoTrax Doppler Series

SonoTrax Dopplers are easy-to-use ultrasonic dopplers that allow mothers and health care professionals to retrieve a fetal heart rate (FHR). The SonoTrax Pro Doppler provides caregivers with a cost-effective solution to meet routine obstetric and vascular requirements.


Sonotrax Dopplers come in many configurations.  Please inquire if you have questions about a certain configuration.

Configurations Available:

SonoTrax Vascular
SonoTrax Lite
SonoTrax Basic
SonoTrax Basic A
SonoTrax Pro
SonoTrax II
SonoTrax Lite


SonoTrax Pro Configuration:


The SonoTrax Pro model has a backlight, audio playback, and audio output, which can be connected with earphones or recorders. You can also operate the unit with a 4MHz, 5MHZ, or 8MHz probe for vascular diagnosis.


  • Ergonomic design allows the unit to be compact and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Large backlight LCD display
  • Accurate FHR detection
  • Interchangeable probes
  • Supports 2MHZ, 3MHZ, 4MHZ, 5MHZ, 8MHZ waterproof probes
  • Realtime, average, and manual FHR
  • Long-lasting battery, approximately 8hrs of continuous use
  • Power Saving Mode

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SonoTrax-Series-Data Sheet


2-year manufacturer warranty on equipment.

1-year manufacturer warranty on accessories.