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Laboratories throughout the Southeastern U.S. need to strictly adhere to the specifications for their equipment to ensure they provide fully accurate and reliable laboratory services. No matter which type of laboratory you operate, it is critical for you to partner with the right laboratory equipment repair and services provider. BioMed Techs offers a broad menu of laboratory equipment repair and service options to meet your needs.
Laboratory Equipment Repair and Service On-Site or Depot Repair Available by BioMed Techs Technicians

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The certified biomedical technicians at BioMed Techs understand how sensitive laboratory equipment is. We work to help your equipment continue to work within its calibration specifications and provide many services to clinical labs across Florida and throughout the Southeastern United States. Our services include laboratory equipment services and repairs, preventative maintenance and inspections, depot repairs, and more to keep your laboratory working safely and efficiently.
Laboratory service & repairs
BioMed Techs offers laboratory equipment repair solutions and service contracts for most types of clinical lab equipment. Over the past 20 years we have developed our team which consists of highly skilled and experienced technicians that have the expertise you need to provide on-site service and repairs for your laboratory equipment and depot repairs at our facility.

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When you work with us we understand that our solutions impact people’s lives, and we never take our responsibility to our clients lightly. We are committed and dedicated to excellence, learning, and innovation. Understanding how we fit into the big picture serves as our inspiration to do our best each day. Through these goals we have developed specialized laboratory equipment inspections and preventative maintenance procedures to both help you pass regulatory inspections and to keep your laboratory equipment performing efficiently at all times. Our approach helps to increase the reliability and longevity of your laboratory equipment while reducing the risks of downtime and the need for replacement.
Equipment specialties
Our certified technicians have the expertise needed to service and repair a broad range of laboratory equipment. We service all of the following types of laboratory equipment:
And much more! Regardless of which types of lab equipment you have, we can help you to find the right services to meet your needs.
Preventative maintenance (including electrical safety inspections)
BioMed Techs offers a preventative maintenance program designed to keep your laboratory equipment functioning efficiently and within its calibration specifications at all times to help ensure you’re compliant with any accrediting and/or regulatory agency you fall under. When you participate in our preventative maintenance program, we will provide you with detailed reports of all of the equipment we inspect together with summaries and reports of individual pieces of equipment and their status and any repairs that are needed. We partner with you to analyze your service and inspection requirements to develop a tailored maintenance program that will work best for you.
Depot repair
At BioMed Techs, we understand that time is critical when you have laboratory equipment that needs repairs. For laboratory equipment that is more easily moved, using our depot repair services can help to substantially reduce downtime and be more cost-effective. Our depot repair services mean that you will not need to wait for on-site services to occur, and our skilled technicians will use the same degree of care while repairing your equipment in our facility that they would at your laboratory.

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If you operate a lab in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, or Alabama,  it is critical for you to partner with the right laboratory equipment service and repair provider. BioMed Techs has more than 20 years of experience and the expertise you need.

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