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Medical facilities in the Southeastern U.S. need a reputable and dependable medical equipment service and repair provider. The right provider can help to ensure that your medical equipment continues to function properly and efficiently. BioMed Techs provides services to healthcare facilities in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, and we can help to reduce downtime while helping you to adhere to your compliance obligations.
Medical Equipment Repair and Service Solutions - On-Site or Depot Repairs by BioMed Techs.

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Experienced biomedical equipment technicians

At BioMed Techs, we offer comprehensive medical equipment repairs and services to ensure that your medical equipment continues to operate economically and safely. Our medical equipment repair and service technicians are fully trained and equipped to service all makes and models of medical equipment. We offer a variety of medical equipment service plan options to help you increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and keep your equipment functioning properly.
We offer a portfolio of plan options, ranging from one-time a la carte services to 24/7 contracts to help you reduce costs while increasing efficiencies.

Medical service & repairs

The skilled technicians at BioMed Techs understand how costly it can be to experience downtime with your medical equipment. We can quickly repair your medical equipment and help you to eliminate some of the downtimes so that you can maintain quality patient care. BioMed Techs has operated for over 20 years and to this day we remain fully committed to providing the best equipment service experience in the healthcare industry. The experience we have gained throughout our company’s lifespan allows us to ensure that your repairs and service are performed properly the first time. Proper equipment maintenance and service also has the effect of helping minimize equipment downtime and maximizing your equipment’s uptime and lifespan.

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Our expertise

BioMed Techs is a clinical biomedical engineering services company that specializes in helping our clients meet and exceed their standards under a variety of different regulations, including the following:
We offer specialized medical equipment inspections and preventative maintenance to both help you pass regulatory inspections and to keep your medical equipment performing efficiently at all times. Our approach helps to increase the reliability and longevity of your medical equipment while reducing the risks of downtime and the need for replacement.
Equipment specialties
We provide service and repairs for all of the following types of medical equipment:
Preventative maintenance (including electrical safety inspections)
BioMed Techs offers a preventative maintenance program designed to maximize the performance of your medical equipment and ensure that you meet your compliance needs. Through our preventative maintenance program, we provide you with detailed inspection documents with dated summaries and individual reports of the various types of equipment so that you understand their status and any needed repairs.
Our preventative maintenance services also include electrical safety inspections so that potential safety hazards can be prevented. We work closely with our clients to analyze their requirements and develop a tailored preventative maintenance program to address their specific needs. We work closely with accrediting bodies and regulatory agencies to ensure that our inspections adhere to the compliance standards for your facility.

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Depot repair
BioMed Techs understands how critical it is to keep your medical equipment functioning properly for the provision of quality patient care. If your equipment needs repair, time is critical. For portable types of medical equipment, we offer depot repairs to reduce equipment downtime and provide a more cost-effective solution.
Our experienced team can repair your equipment while utilizing the same degree of care we provide on-site. When you use our depot repair services, you can trust that your equipment will be handled by our certified technicians faster so that you do not have to wait for on-site repairs.

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BioMed Techs offers medical equipment repairs and services throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today for a free quote by calling (352)378-8370.