Veterinary Equipment

Veterinarians rely on their critical equipment to provide the highest quality of care. If your equipment breaks down, it can affect the quality of the services that you can provide. Working with BioMed Techs helps to ensure your equipment works properly and efficiently and that you can minimize any downtime caused by equipment failures.
Veterinary Equipment Repair & Service - On-Site or Depot Repairs by BioMed Techs.

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At BioMed Techs, we appreciate the way that veterinary clinics and practices provide the highest quality of care to their customers, pets and animals. Having equipment that functions properly is critical for the invaluable services you provide. Our goal is to help you by providing expert help and care for your equipment so that it can continue operating efficiently and reduce any downtime that might occur.

Our team has provided expert assistance to veterinary practices in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, for more than two decades. We offer top veterinary equipment repair solutions for our customers and specialize in repairing, maintaining, and servicing nearly all types of veterinary equipment from major manufacturers.

Veterinary service & repairs
The highly skilled and experienced veterinary equipment technicians at BioMed Techs can provide optimal maintenance, repair, and service solutions to meet the needs of your practice. We can conduct on-site repairs on your equipment or provide you with loaner equipment while we repair your equipment in our service facility. We prioritize our customers and are dedicated to extending the life of your veterinary equipment so that you can continue doing the important work that you do.

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Our expertise
At BioMed Techs, our qualified veterinary equipment account managers are prepared to quickly address any service and repair needs that you might have. We have the training and skills to handle nearly any type of veterinary equipment repairs that you might need. We are skilled at what we do and offer fast turnaround times at affordable prices. We will work closely with you to develop a customized repair and service plan to keep your equipment running in optimal condition so that your practice can continue operating smoothly.
Equipment specialties
Our certified veterinary equipment technicians can service all of the following types of veterinary equipment:
We have the skills needed to service and repair nearly any type of equipment you use in your veterinary practice.
Preventative maintenance (including electrical safety inspections)
Preventative maintenance programs can help you to identify equipment problems before they blossom into major issues impacting your veterinary practice. We design preventative maintenance programs by analyzing the veterinary equipment you have and creating a program and maintenance schedule to address your needs. When we conduct preventative maintenance, we assess each piece of equipment and provide you with a comprehensive report that includes information about the status of all of your equipment and a list of any repairs that might be needed. By conducting preventative maintenance, we can keep your equipment operating as it should while helping to identify any small problems before they become worse. This helps to increase your operational efficiencies while helping to avoid equipment breakdowns.
Depot repair
Most veterinary practices cannot wait for repairs. We know that you need your important equipment to keep providing the types of high-quality veterinary services on which your customers depend. We can provide depot repair services for your equipment in our repair facility so that your practice will not be interrupted by on-site repairs. A major benefit of depot repair services is that you will not have to wait for on-site repairs to be completed. We also offer loaner equipment to keep your practice functioning while we complete your needed repairs.

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The highly skilled team at BioMed Techs has provided services and repairs to veterinary practices throughout the Southeastern U.S. for more than two decades. To learn how we can provide help to you, contact us today for a free quote at (352)378-8370.