SE-1515 EKG DP12/DX12

SE-1515 Configurations


The SE-1515 integrates high-performance PC software with a compact yet powerful EKG machine. By combining reliable algorithms with rich outputs, this all-in-one workstation can help maximize your daily workflow.


Sophisticated All-in-1 Workstation
The SE-1515 integrates comprehensive ECG solutions into one elegant PC-based platform.
The versatile PC software, combining with the exquisite ECG sampling boxes, provides efficient
access to diverse applications:

• 18/16/15/12/9-lead Resting ECG

• Stress Test

• ECG Data Management

• ECG Network Gateway


Centralized ECG Explorer
Besides regular ECG examinations, the SE-1515 also performs as a data management system,
connecting all the standalone ECG machines to realize a paperless workflow.
• Bi-directional communication with ECG machines on worklist and reports.
• Cardiac consultation upon ECG reports over database sharing.
• Multiple report formats output including PDF, XML, SCP, DICOM, JPG, BMP, and DOC.
• Data access with HIS/EMR/PACs/CIS based on HL7/DICOM/GDT protocol.


Clinically Oriented Methodologies
The up-to-date clinical methodologies boost your productivities in each and every ECG test with
practical workflow, reliable SEMIP® algorithm, and rich outputs.

Resting ECG: Supports up to 30 minutes ECG acquisition with full disclosure waveforms, VCG,
TVCG, SAECG, QTD, HRV, and HRT analyses are also available for corresponding applications.

Stress Test: Supports unlimited user-defined protocols with automatic 12-lead reports. ST assessment,
METs, Double Product, Duke Score, and FAI% are also included to render you an integrated report.


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2-year manufacturer warranty on equipment.

1-year manufacturer warranty on accessories.