SE-301 EKG Machine

SE-301 is the new generation 3-channel ECG, which incorporates the benefits of advanced technology and innovative design in an extremely compact and lightweight device. It is specifically developed for those who pursue superb portability without compromising on the quality of mobile environments. A variety of fantastic features are embodied in this amazing small unit, making it more than a basic 3-channel ECG.


Powerful External Device Support
The SE-301 is armed with two USB ports and one microSD card slot, which extends its
capability by supporting various external devices such as a barcode scanner, external printer,
USB memory drive or a microSD card.

Bi-directional Communication with Data Management System
Via the LAN or optional built-in WI-FI, SE-301 is able to receive orders from SE-1515 Data
Management System and transmit ECG reports back to have further analysis, editing, saving
or printing.

Multi-format Report (Optional)
The SE-301 is able to export ECG reports in standard PDF format and optional SCP, XML and
DICOM format offers you greater capability in integrating the ECGs into different data
management systems.


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SE-301-ECG-Data Sheet


2-year manufacturer warranty on equipment.

1-year manufacturer warranty on accessories.