Inspection & Maintenance Solutions

Medical facilities and clinical laboratories must ensure that their equipment is regularly inspected and properly maintained to meet or exceed all regulatory and accreditation compliance standards. Having a regular inspection and maintenance schedule with the help of BioMed Techs can also help you to avoid costly breakdowns and interruptions of patient care.
Comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance Solutions for Medical Facilities and Clinical Laboratories by BioMed Techs Certified Technicians.

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Biomedical & electrical safety inspections

Medical facilities and clinical laboratories need to ensure that their equipment is functioning properly at all times. Certain types of medical equipment are vital for ensuring patients receive uninterrupted care. Best practices require your facility to have your equipment serviced and inspected regularly to ensure that it continues operating with optimal efficiency. At BioMed Techs, our experienced team of skilled and trained technicians develops preventative maintenance and inspection programs that address the specific types of equipment our customers use to reduce downtime, improve patient care, and ensure regulatory and accreditation compliance.

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Enhanced safety and patient care
It is critical that the equipment you use undergo regular inspections and preventative maintenance. If your equipment is not regularly inspected and serviced, it could impact the care you provide and result in potentially dangerous malfunctions. Scheduling bi-annual or annual inspections and preventative maintenance services with BioMed Techs can help you identify potential issues and hazards before they develop into major problems. We conduct thorough inspections of all types of lab and medical equipment and can provide you with validation services. We also replace and repair worn parts we identify and help to ensure your equipment is functioning as it should.

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Enhancing cost-effectiveness
A major benefit of preventative maintenance is that minor issues can be identified and fixed before they become major problems that cause equipment failures and expensive repairs or replacements. When we conduct inspections and complete preventative maintenance, we provide you with detailed reports of each piece of equipment that we inspected and provide you with a list of any repairs that might be needed. Properly maintained equipment can help to prevent breakdowns that could cause accidents, injuries, and potential litigation.
Help with regulatory compliance
Your equipment must be maintained in a way that complies with federal regulations and/or independent accreditors. We provide maintenance and repairs to ensure that you meet compliance requirements as established by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Joint Commission, the FDA, OSHA, and others. By using the services of BioMed Techs, you can ensure your inspections and maintenance program will help you to meet federal and state regulatory compliance standards.

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